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Adaptive re-use FACILITIES LIST

Hamilton Farms:  Peapack-Gladstone, New Jersey

Renovation of the existing athletic building by removing all existing floors and inserting 3 levels of new framing to make up the golf shop, restaurant, locker rooms and cart storage at the lower level.  Extensive shoring of existing walls while all floors were being removed.

Roebling Complex:  Trenton, NJ

Complete renovation work for the existing +120,000 square foot Roebling Main Warehouse and Wire Rope Manufacturing Facility.  This building was converted into retail and office space.

Roebling 100:  Trenton, New Jersey

Renovation of an existing 5-story historic manufacturing building into residential units.

Roebling 101:  Trenton, New Jersey

Restoration of the existing roof framing and floor framing as well as stabilization of the existing structure of one of Roebling's historic buildings.

Pellitieri Homes-Roebling Complex:  Trenton, New Jersey

This project was a neighboring manufacturing building adjacent to the Roebling site. Along with residential addition reuse efforts, we added another floor to create more useable apartment type living areas.  New elevators, access stairs and entry were all part of the reuse work.

Kat-Man-Do Restaurant-Roebling Complex:  Trenton, New Jersey

This project was the conversion of the existing iron works building located on the Delaware River into a nightclub facility. 

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