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The following is a list of some of the Antique and Historical Barn Restoration and Renovation projects that our office has completed.  The work entailed renovation and restoration of the structure to business or residential use, stabilization work, restoration work to restore to original condition, and disassembling the structure and rebuilding at another location.  Some of our work has been performing condition surveys to identify structural defects and developing drawings to repair the defects.  The repair work varies between complete restoration to auxiliary type repairs for economical concern.  Most of these projects were completed while working with the New Jersey Barn Company, Princeton New Jersey and are located on the East coast.

Hopewell Barn Project: Hopewell, New Jersey

An antique heavy timber barn frame was lifted off its existing stone foundation and placed nearby.  A new foundation was built with a walkout basement section of masonry with a stone veneer.  The barn floor was constructed using conventional type framing designed to support farm equipment.  The restored barn frame was then lifted and moved back into place over the new foundation.

Hopewell Farm Barn Restoration:  Hopewell, New Jersey

Salvaged the antique barn frame by moving from existing foundations, then stabilized and repaired all damaged members and connections.  Built new lower level/foundations with masonry and stone bearing walls.  Relocated restored barn frame and completed finish work.

Historical Society of Princeton-Updike Barn: 

Princeton, New Jersey

A restoration of the antique barn framing along with new foundations for the entire structure while leaving the existing structure in place.  the barn was converted into an assembly space.  Also performance of a structural analysis on the relocated antique windmill.

Hershey Barn:  Hershey, Pennsylvania

Renovation of an existing barn structure into a new school.  Project also consisted of additions to the existing facility.

Hunterdon Hills Veterinary Hospital:  Hunterdon, New Jersey

Re-use of a relocated antique barn frame as the focal point for the new veterinary hospital.  Renovation work to an existing grain silo. 

Thompson Barn:  Ringoes, New Jersey

A structural condition survey performed on the existing antique barn frame to determine a restoration plan.

Bond Swan Home and Barn
Buttercup Farm
Caldwater Park Barn
Conard Barn
Demott Barn
Egan Barn
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Fosterfields Farm and Barns
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Gavagano Residence
Hecktown Barn
Hiscano Barn
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Lieberman Barn
Mathesius Residence
McDougal Barn
Meadowwise Barn
Mears Barn
Merino Hill Farm
Montgomery Barn
NJ Barn Headquarters
Rothchilds Farm and Barn
Soloman Barn
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Vanopal Wagon Shed
Wolfe Barn
Wycoff Barn
Yawler Barn

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