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njit-eberhardt hall

Newark, New Jersey

Historic restoration of a 35,000 square foot, three-story gothic Victorian castle.  Restored facility to serve as the Eberhardt Hall

NJIT Alumni Center.  Received the highest annual honor award from the Newark Preservation of Landmark Committee, 2006.

ivy dining club-princeton university

Princeton, New Jersey

Renovation and restoration of the late 1800’s Ivy Dining Club

Greenway center-the johnson educational center d&R greenway

Princeton, New Jersey

An existing historic barn conversion into a company's high-end office space.

noah hunt house

Hopewell, New Jersey

An old historic farmhouse completely restored and renovated into an office space for Mercer County Parks Department.

rogers house-mercer county park

Mercer County, New Jersey

Structural stabilization of the existing historic brick masonry walls after dilapidated wood framing had to be removed.

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