residential (High End) projects list

Brewster Road Residence:  Nantucket, Massachusetts

New large scale residence in Nantucket.

Bromley-Walker Residence:  Princeton, New Jersey

A new 10,000 sq ft 2-story modern residence.  A steel frame with wood infill framing.

Chife Residence:  Ardmore, Pennsylvania

A new 7,500 sq ft residence.

Gerstner House:  Nantucket, Massachusetts

A new wood frame residence and the renovation of the existing historic building that was on the site.

Golden Residence:  Princeton, New Jersey

A new modern residential structure utilizing steel members to create large cantilevered spaces.

River Road Residence:  New Hope, Pennsylvania

Built along the Delaware River, designed a one story residence with a 42 x 96 foot footprint built over a lower 28 x 30 foot footprint concrete garage structure, with plus 33 foot cantilevers on long sides.  The garage is a concrete base on helical piles and the main house is a steel frame consisting of three floor to roof height vierendeel trusses.  The roof framing supports a roof terrace.

Sandhill Residence:  Nantucket, Massachusetts

Designed the moving system for a large historic home and placed on a new foundation.  House was completely restored.

Sheetz Residence:  Altoona, Pennsylvania

A new residence consisting of 10,000 sq ft of conventionally framed and heavy timber wood construction.  Located in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania.

Surfside Main House:  Nantucket, Massachusetts

A new residential compound consisting of a new residence, art building, guest house and exercise facility.  All connected by underground tunnels.

Tisbury Residence:  Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

A new large scale residence in Martha's Vineyard.

Wilmont Residence:  Princeton, New Jersey

A new 9,000 sq ft residence with stone exterior walls.

Wyoming Residence, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

New 9,000 square foot, high-end residence with a western feel architectural design.  State of the art home utilizes prefabricated insulated wall and roof panels for efficient energy savings.

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