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Ampitheater Structure: Hamilton, NJ

Completed structured design for sculpture and foundations.

Camden High School Entry Arch, Camden, NJ

Designed  a concrete and steel support for the free standing stone arch.  This arch was the entry portion of the original historic school which was demolished with the arch being disassembled stone by stone and rebuilt as a replica of what was there.

Confluence Tower Pavilion: Trenton, NJ

Completed structural design for sculpture and foundations, which were built over existing underground structures.

Fire Control Tower #3:  Cape May, NJ

New steel stair structure installed in an existing concrete tower.

Hamilton Train Station Sculpture:  Hamilton, NJ

Completed structured design for sculpture and foundations.

Lighthouse Structure:  Atlantic City, NJ

Main entry to Atantic City focal point.  Steel frame structure with a glass enclosed lighthouse equipped with multi lasters that would flash across the city.  Bracing of structure consisted of curved diagonal steel members.

Main Entry Structure, Campbell's Field Ball Park:  Camden, NJ

Architectural exposed roof trusses, tower and canopy structures of the main entry.

M & M Mars Headquarters:  Hackettstown, NJ

Design of canopy and support using the M & M guys for the structure.

Nevelson Sculpture-Princeton University Firestone Library:  Princeton, NJ

Completed foundation design for the Atmosphere and Environmental Sculpture to be placed over the underground structure of Firestone Library on Nassau Street.

Putman Sculpture-Princeton University Art Museum:  Princeton, NJ

Foundation design for sculpture placed at Main Entry Courtyard.

Tiger Sculptures-Princeton University Football Stadium:  

Princeton, NJ

Complete design of structure and foundations with emphasis on students celebrating on top of the tigers.

Widener Observatory-Widener University:  Chester, PA

Designed a structure for roof mounted observatory within and independent of the structural framing for the building.  The design criteria was to restrict any vibrations from the building into the observatory structure that would have adverse effects on the observatory operations.

Sculpture in Steel, Newark Train Station
Fire Control Tower, Cape May.jpg
M&M Mars Headquarters.jpg
Widener Observatory, Widener University.
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